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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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Is your company looking to give something back to their local community?

Volunteering is good for employees and good for business.

Why not try a Team Challenge

Our experienced team can advise you on local opportunities and connect you with a local charity or organisation where you and your colleagues can volunteer together on an organised project. click here to see our current opportunities.



The outcomes from volunteering are always memorable and rewarding.  From a practical project you can literally see the fruits of your volunteering time in a newly painted children’s play area, a landscaped garden or a cleared pathway to state but a few.

Positive outcomes for your employees include:

   + Sense of achievement at a personal and team level

   + A greater understanding of their local communities

   + Increased team working and better working relationships with colleagues

   +Taking part in something memorable that can’t be done in a training room

   + Delivering Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

Benefits for your Business as a whole

We have over 15 years experience in matching the most beneficial volunteering activities with individual groups.  A team building day at an adult and children’s resource centre might be a great activity for your customer service teams to take them away from the phones for a day and allow them to make a difference in their community.  Companies are beginning to realise the benefits to themselves as well as their employees.

Positive benefits for your business

   + Improved employee motivation

   + Enhanced individual skills and knowledge

   + More cohesive team working and closer working relationships

   + Increased retention of staff

   + Improved company reputation within the local community

What you can expect from us

It is important that you know your specific activities make a difference and make good business sense.  So what can you expect from us:

If you would like to learn more about how your business can get involved in Team Volunteering, contact the team on 01932 571122/01784 465536 or email ronnie@voluntarysupport.org.uk

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