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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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It is perhaps one of the most unlikely yet enduring features of a town some say is struggling, like many urban centres, to maintain its heritage.


The burgeoning town of Camberley is host to a vast array of opportunities for you to volunteer in Surrey Heath, along with being a hugely historic Surrey Heath location. Home to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst since 1812, Camberley is a well-known location throughout the country, as well as the town being the location to ‘Caesar’s Camp’, a Roman Iron Age fort. Camberley is an area which demonstrates huge amounts of corporate engagement to empower business-volunteer relationships. Volunteering in Camberley also represents an excellent opportunity to help the local community tackle significant local issues whilst further bettering yourself through work experience and training. As mentioned, Camberley has a huge amount of volunteering opportunities for you to participate in. There are multiple national charities which have bases in Camberley, such as The British Heart Foundation who look to improve medical research and conditions for anyone with a heart defect or a cardiovascular disease whilst providing a support network for those struggling, and the foundation has multiple volunteering opportunities ranging from Sales Assistants to Electrical Function testers. Another national charity in Camberley is Macmillan Cancer Support, supporting those with all kinds of cancers. Alongside this BHF there are more Camberley focused organisations to volunteer for to directly help the local community, such as Camberley Care who provide services like drivers for those who struggle getting around town without age discrimination. Other more local volunteering organisations like Contact the Elderly Camberley, The Camberley Society and the 7th Camberley Scout Group amongst many others also look to directly benefit the Camberley community through voluntary work and are always looking for new people to start volunteering for them right away. These are only some of the many organisations that you can volunteer for in the Camberley/ Surrey Heath. So if you want to volunteer in Camberley, the massive volunteering base in Camberley makes it an excellent location and a wonderful community that you can start to contribute to with ease!