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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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It is perhaps one of the most unlikely yet enduring features of a town some say is struggling, like many urban centres, to maintain its heritage.

Frimley Green

Home to the BDO international darts competition, Frimley Green is an internationally recognised village in Surrey Heath. When not hosting some of the biggest stars of the darts world, Frimley is a classical green Surrey village, home to around five and a half thousand residents. Within the area, you can volunteer to a number of different organisations, all with admirable goals and aspirations that will benefit the community, strengthening it through interaction, in turn benefitting you. There are a plethora of local organisations who are in need of volunteers, such as Helping Hands an organisation who assist local people of Frimley and Mytchett who need help getting to doctor and hospital appointments and have difficulty getting around. Frimley Fuel Allotments, a charity set up over 100 years ago designed to provide financial relief to individuals in need of help due to hardship or distress. Frimley Park Hospital are also regularly looking for volunteers to provide companionship to those who are lonely or without loved ones whilst in care. A close by organisation that volunteers with young people is The Mytchett Centre, a venue which caters not only to children’s events, but also dance classes and other social club activities, contributing to the general locale, from Mytchett through to Frimley Green, as a result. So if you’d like to volunteer in Frimley Green this variety of different organisations makes it an attractive location for those who want to volunteer for charity work.