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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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It is perhaps one of the most unlikely yet enduring features of a town some say is struggling, like many urban centres, to maintain its heritage.


The small town of Frimley in Surrey Heath is connected to the M3 allowing for easy commuting. It is a town with roots going back to the Saxons who called the area ‘Fremma’s Lea’, meaning ‘Fremma’s Clearing’. Home to an extensive shopping street and a large hospital, Frimley is a vibrant area of Surrey Heath, and one with plenty of volunteering opportunities for you to further your experience and to benefit the community by getting involved. There are a number of local organisations who are in need of volunteers, such as Frimley Fuel Allotments, a charity set up over 100 years ago designed to provide financial relief to individuals in need of help due to hardship or distress. Frimley Park Hospital are also regularly looking for volunteers to provide companionship to those who are lonely or without loved ones whilst in care, whilst a similar service is carried out by Camberley Care, located close to Frimley in Camberley which offers companionship to elderly people by providing transport, DIY help and other services to people of the community who are in need of help with day to day tasks. In tow with these organisations which look to help those in need is Parity for Disability, a charity which aids disabled people and helps them to live fully enriched lives and help people with disabilities to continually learn and integrate with the wider community. Parity for Disability have a shop in Frimley to help raise funds which often is looking for volunteers to help. So if you want to volunteer in Frimley, there are many volunteering opportunities for you to experience to strengthen the community and enrich your own life.