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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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It is perhaps one of the most unlikely yet enduring features of a town some say is struggling, like many urban centres, to maintain its heritage.


The picturesque Surrey Heath location of Lightwater holds a vibrant local community, driven by enthusiastic residents keen to take part in voluntary work to better their locale. Surrounding the beautiful country park and High Curley view point, Lightwater is home to engaging organisations that, if you want to volunteer, you can do charity work for. Volunteering not only benefits the community, it also benefits you too, developing your skills, gaining experience and importantly gaining confidence in yourself. One organisation looking for volunteers in Lightwater is Christopher’s Smile, who are devoted to funding the treatment of childhood cancer. It is run solely by volunteers to better the survival chances of children struck with such an unfortunate start to their lives. All Saints Lightwater are another voluntary group in Lightwater who represent the burgeoning Church community; All Saints emulate strong Christian values such as ‘To Be, To Love, To Tell’, encouraging communal support and evangelism in the village and beyond, values which are in part represented by Lightwater Care, another voluntary group committed to helping anyone with genuine need, irrespective of age, ranging from acquiring doctor’s appointments to collecting library books. L.I.V.E in Lightwater is another organisation looking for your charity work. They are a group who look to provide confidential information on Health and Wellbeing, support groups and leisure opportunities to the elderly and vulnerable. Such a thriving, cohesive and co-operative community presents a wonderful village environment with endless volunteering opportunities to help contribute to the locality. So if you want to volunteer in Lightwater, there are in excess of 20 other voluntary groups to capture any interests; so many opportunities to contribute makes Lightwater a wonderful location with an even better community residing within it.