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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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It is perhaps one of the most unlikely yet enduring features of a town some say is struggling, like many urban centres, to maintain its heritage.

New Haw

Residential nature-reserve village New Haw, situated in the borough of Runnymede, is a beautiful North Surrey area. With Basingstoke canal running through it, New Haw is wonderfully picturesque, with volunteering opportunities for anyone to get involved. You could volunteer for organisations like the New Haw Community Library increase communal interconnection and strength, whilst also allowing you to build up a range of experience for future endeavours. Alongside the Library, there are multiple enriching opportunities for you to volunteer with, such as the New Haw and Woodham Good Neighbours scheme, and organisation driven to help those in the area who struggle with day to day tasks to live their life to the full, whether that be by driving them from place to place, booking doctor’s appointments for them or simply giving them company when they need it. If you wanted to volunteer with a range of different ages, All Saints Church New Haw offer a variety of opportunities to interact with young people and their parents. If you would rather fundraise for a good cause, Eikon is a charity that helps Surrey’s most vulnerable young people, whether than vulnerability come socially or economically; they are always looking for people to assist them with raising funds. So, if you want to volunteer in New Haw, the village is brimming with voluntary opportunities to help your community, as well as helping yourself.