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Voluntary Support North Surrey

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Do you want to help your Spethorne community? Do you want to volunteer in Stanwell?

The village of Stanwell is located in the borough of Spelthorne, Surrey. There are two theories regarding the origin of the name Stanwell. One is that it was named after St Ann(e)'s well in the village but the parish church has been dedicated according to all known records to St Mary. The second is that it means 'stone well' in turn referring to stony soil or the adjoining street to the south. The first few letters of the name are the same as in the name of neighbouring Staines-upon-Thames, which also is said to mean 'stones’ where ’stanes’ is the Old English for many of the stone-laid Roman roads in Britain.

The Staines Union Workhouse was built on the London Road in the mid-19th century. Together with a former boys' home and a former isolation hospital, both opened c. 1913, it became Ashford Hospital.

If you are a new resident or recently retired with time on your hands becoming a volunteer is a great way to make new friends and be part of your community.

If you would like to volunteer please let us help you find your ideal role by getting in touch with your Staines Volunteer Centre.