Celebrating the remarkable contribution of Surrey Heath’s Volunteers – 2022 Awards

Congratulations to our inspirational winners – and indeed all nominees – from our Volunteer Awards Celebration in Surrey Heath which we held at Pine Ridge Golf Club on Thursday 24th November. There were so many heartwarming stories about how people care for one another in our communities reflected in the large number of nominations we received.

A big thank you needs to go to the Mayor of Surrey Heath Councillor Helen Whitcroft and the other panel members Councillor Sarah Jane Croke, portfolio holder for housing, safeguarding and support, and VSNS Chair Helen Frary who helped choose our winners.

VSNS CEO Solette Sheppardson hosted the awards. She said, “It is no surprise that the task facing both statutory and voluntary organisations is huge with demand outstripping the resources available. Alongside this is a cost-of-living crisis which could result in thousands of people being pulled into poverty.

“Volunteering is the most pressing challenge for a large proportion of organisations locally. So we want to thank every single volunteer for their contribution – that contribution is noted and applauded. Every day volunteers make things happen. Thank you to all of you.”

Here are our winners:

  • Inspirational Volunteer Award – for volunteers that have made a huge difference to your cause
    • Winners: Christine Foster, Surrey Heath Home-Start and Alan Barwick, Time to Talk
  • Young Volunteer Award – up to the age of 24
    • Holly Jamieson, Surrey Heath Age Concern
  • New Volunteer Award – for people who are new to volunteering
    • Vince Ayers, Camberley Care
  • Long Service Award – for our long standing volunteers
    • Firdosia Pal-Emery, Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum
  • Pandemic Hero Volunteer Award – for volunteers that stepped up during the pandemic
    • Jane Wescott, Surrey Heath Vaccination Centre
  • Volunteer Team Award – for a whole volunteer team’s contribution to Surrey Heath residents
    • Camberley Alzheimer’s Cafe
  • Engagement in the Community – for businesses that carried out volunteering in Surrey Heath
    • SC Johnson
Christine Foster

Christine Foster – Winner of Inspirational Volunteer of the Year, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

Christine is a trustee for Surrey Heath Home-Start, joining the team in 2010. She is also Home-Start’s volunteer representative and is a home-visiting volunteer herself, supporting 19 families with 39 children over the years. She is an active member of the fundraising committee, helping to organise and attend numerous events. She is always the first to offer to help with these events.

Time to talk logo
Alan Barwick

Alan Barwick – Winner of Inspirational Volunteer of the Year, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

Alan has befriended three people while volunteering with Time to Talk. Alan is very caring and has made a huge difference to the people he supports with his thoughtfulness and sense of humour. Alan can always be relied upon if the service needs a helping hand.

On one occasion he helped save his befriendee’s life. Alan was worried when his befriendee did not answer the phone, so went around to check on him. He found him with a suspected stroke. He called an ambulance and the man’s family and continued to support both him and his family afterwards.

Holly Jamieson

Holly Jamieson – Winner of Young Volunteer category, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

Holly started volunteering three years ago at Surrey Heath Age Concern aged just 15, as part of her Duke of Edinburgh award. Holly is a whizz in the kitchen on a Saturday, in charge of preparing light lunches and snacks for customers. She has shown many newer volunteers the ropes. Now studying for her A-Levels, Holly continues to volunteer during the week. She always comes in with a smile, a positive attitude and is a pleasure to know and work with.

Vince Ayers

Vince Ayers – Winner of New Volunteer category, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

Vince joined Camberley Care in March 2022 and has been an asset since the day he joined. He has already completed over 100 trips and is always one of the first to reply to last-minute requests. Feedback from clients has been outstanding with many people taking the time to call to say how caring, patient and understanding Vince has been.

Firdosia Pal-Emery

Firdosia Pal-Emery – Winner of Long Service Awards, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

Firdosia Pal-Emery is a volunteer and befriender, whose kindness and empathy help others in the community.

Although she has her own mobility and health issues, she continues to help and support other women who are vulnerable and lonely. Firdosia gives lifts to women who are unable to drive to the weekly Muslim Women’s Group sessions organised by Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum. She is fully committed to the group and brings homemade treats to the sessions. She is an inspiring woman who the younger members of the group look up to.

She has been a great fundraise with Macmillan Cancer Support and has also been involved with various other fundraising events.

Jane Wescott

Jane Wescott – Winner of Pandemic Hero Award, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

Jane Wescott has been volunteering at vaccination centres in Surrey Heath since September 2020, starting with the flu vaccines at Blackbush. Since Covid-19, she has given over 750 hours of her time. She was a lead volunteer at Lakeside, providing 476 hours supporting the clinical lead and directing other volunteers.

She has always been willing to step in and fill gaps, sometimes serving a double shift. She also hosts a chat forum to field any concerns from other volunteers.

Camberley Alzheimer Cafe

Camberley Alzheimer Cafe- Winner of Best Volunteer Team, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

This cafe for people with dementia, their carers and anyone who wants to learn about the world of dementia runs monthly. The cafe’s main aim is to enable people to stay at home for as long as possible. The team provide a meal at the start of every session. They run a programme on dementia to help people learn more about the condition. They also have local musicians come in, knowing the power of music especially for people living with dementia.

During the pandemic the team phoned over 50 guests and went on finding ways to provide help and socialisation throughout the period of restrictions.

SC Johnson

SC Johnson – Winner of Engagement in the Community category, Surrey Heath Awards 2022

SC Johnson’s community day was back in force this year with teams of willing volunteers heading out to support three different organisations in Surrey Heath.

As well as providing valuable people – all volunteers went with a wonderful attitude – they also donated generously to each cause, providing much-needed funds as many organisations battle in the face of the cost of living crisis.

The company have long supported local causes and it was wonderful to see this in-person support return this year.

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