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Fundraising from Millenials

Research from the Blackbaud Institute shows that Millennials (born 1981–1995) and Generation Zers (born after 1995) are the most generous generous givers to charity. So ensuring that your fundraising and communications is geared towards this younger generation is important.

Tech Soup’s ‘7 Steps to Fundraising from Millenials: Getting them to Give’ has some top tips for how to get started.

Charity Digital builds on this insight, with ideas for how to build your fundraising strategy in a way that speaks to Millenials, who value experiences and do their research.

Finally, don’t overlook legacy fundraising. UK Fundraising recently reported that 44% of Millenials and Gen X have already thought about donating through their will. With 87% of Millienials not having yet written a will, there is a clear opportunity for charities to start a conversation.

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