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Events fundraising is a great way to raise that all-important unrestricted income (funds that you can spend on whatever you like, such as that leaking roof repair or a new printer). Events are also an effective way of introducing your charity to new groups of people and building a community of supporters. 

But they are, without doubt, time-consuming and can be costly to organise. 

According to CAF’s ‘U.K. Giving Report 2023’, charity income from fundraising events is still below pre-pandemic levels, with 15% of donors reporting giving to charity in the last 12 months at fundraising events compared to 23% in 2019. 

But according to Enthuse two out of five members of the U.K. public (44%) said they were likely to take part in a fundraising event in 2023. And it is something that appeals to all age groups, with Gen Z the most enthusiastic (61%), followed by Millennials (60%).  

The most popular fundraising events are those that benefit attendants’ personal wellbeing, those that are smaller, and events that  are social (47%). This is followed by exercise challenges which contribute to health goals (45%), large group events such as fun runs and walks (30%), and distance races such as marathons and half-marathons (16%). 

So how can you make the most out of your events? 

1.    Focus on what motivates people to get involved 

The top three motivating reasons for people to attend fundraising events were taking part in an activity as a team, information on the cause the charity is helping, and information on how the charity spends its income. Make sure you incorporate this into your event marketing. 

2.    Plan, plan, plan 

Successful events take a great deal of thought, time and effort. Make sure you think through everything from safety to sales to capturing people’s details for future events and even regular donations, to ensure you get the most from your event. There are some useful links below to help you get started. 

3.    Think long term 

Events can raise your profile, reach new audiences and build a community of supporters. When looking at your events programme, think about events that can be replicated and developed. And make sure, after an event, you evaluate what went well. 

Useful information: 

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