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According to Statista, nearly 98% of adults in the UK are internet users and 90% have a smartphone. Online marketing is now one of the most effective, and cost-effective, ways to get your message out and find new supporters.

Here are three reasons why:

1.       You can reach more people 

Online offers huge potential to reach a wider audience. Social media platforms, email marketing and crowdfunding websites make it easier than ever for people to engage with your cause.

Digital fundraising is also more accessible for many people. Many potential donors prefer to contribute online because it’s convenient and this inclusivity ensures that disabled people or those who live in remote areas can still join in your fundraising efforts.

2.       It is cost-effective

Compared to traditional fundraising events, digital fundraising generally require less overhead costs. Many online platforms are free or low-fee, and online advertising through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be highly targeted and use very small budgets.

3.       It’s a great way to get to know your audience

Digital platforms can provide you with valuable data and insights into your supporters. You’ll very quickly see what they like and what they respond to, helping you to target campaigns more effectively.

Social media also allows you to engage with your supporters on a more personal level. Through interactions and personalised thank-you messages, you can build stronger relationships with donors. By sharing compelling stories, videos, and updates about your charity’s work, you can keep supporters informed and engaged, fostering a sense of belonging to your cause.

In today’s digital age, charities cannot afford to overlook the potential of digital fundraising. Embracing online fundraising methods can help you expand your reach, reduce costs, gain valuable insights, and maintain a consistent fundraising presence. By harnessing the power of digital tools and platforms, you can not only raise vital funds for your organisation but also build stronger connections with your supporters.

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